Types of rice Grain sells

Long Grain Rice

Long grain rice is one of the more popular types of rice among households. It is a type of rice with a length that is 4 to 5 times its width and it is mainly used in salads, main dishes and side dishes. The rice is fluffy after cooking and will not stick and seperate easily due to its low starch content. The long grain rice not only provides a great aesthetic look to your food, but also a unique flavour profile like no other types of rice.

Brown Rice

If you're going for a healthier diet, then brown rice is for you. Brown rice is highly nutritious compared to other types of rice as it contains extra protein and fiber that offer health benefits such as lower cholestrol and more controlled blood levels. Eating brown rice also helps to prevent obesity as it helps to reduce body mass index and fat. Brown also comes with benefits such as improving your digestive health, boosting your heart health and many other more. So if you find yourself lacking some sort of nutrients, Grain definitely recommends you to try our brown rice!

Black Rice

Black rice, also known as "Forbidden rice" or "Emperor's rice", is a medium grain with a dark-purplish color with a nutty and slightly sweet flavour. Despite its odd looks, it definitely comes with health benefits, mainly as antioxidants. The antioxidant pigments in the rice gives the rice this unique colouring, which also helps to fight heart diseases and cancer. It is also often compared to the pricey blueberries as a source for healthful antioxidants. So if you've been eating blueberries for its health benefits, you might want to consider changing to black rice, as you will not only be left with healthy body, but a healthy body and a "healthy" wallet.